Xbox Live outage: service connection problems

Several players say they are having problems this evening on Xbox Live even if the Xbox Service Department has not yet confirmed an outage on certain services. It seems to relate to the account login.

Xbox Live outage and ongoing issue

When an outage occurs on Xbox Live, we see it immediately on the Xbox Live status page, but there is nothing on the Xbox Live status page for the moment that is account-related. However, several players have reported difficulties to us in connecting to your account.

Officially, Xbox admits to having encountered a problem on Forza Horizon 4 but it is “about to be fixed”.

If the problem were to become general, rest assured that the Xbox teams will be on hand to repair the current bugs and resolve as quickly as possible the problems linked in particular to the launch of the games or to the connection to the servers. If you are in this case, you just have to wait while the problem is corrected.

On the Xboxygen Discord, a member brings up a random problem and says he was able to connect again by restarting the console.

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