Xbox: Microsoft announces new Elite Series 2 controller model

Nothing is secret in the video game industry, and even giants such as Microsoft are no exception. However, yesterday’s announcement of the new Xbox Elite Series 2 controller caused quite a stir, especially due to its rather unexpected price. In a video presentation posted online last night, the American firm unveiled a new model for its line of high-end controllers, positioning its own offering in an increasingly competitive market.

Called the Xbox Elite Series 2 Core, it will cost less than its standard version, which is already on sale, and will be available in ten days.


Xbox Elite Series 2 controller unveils its Core model

For the occasion, the new Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Controller is painted white for better effect. It will include some of the features of the standard version: tension-adjustable grips, the ability to adjust the length of the trigger, grips still wrapped in rubber for a better grip, and an internal battery that thus ignores the batteries used in the classic Xbox Series controller. .

So, to keep the price down, the controller will not include most of the accessories sold with the classic Elite Series 2 controller, including interchangeable joysticks and D-pad, charging dock, carry bag, and more importantly, rear paddles. perhaps one of the most important features of this line of controllers.

To be sure, these cuts are necessary to justify the more affordable price tag, but we’re still surprised to see the simple disappearance of these palettes, yet so practical in the game. interchangeable components sold separately. The latter includes all of the aforementioned accessories, thus elevating the Core model to the level of its older sister.

As for the final price, the Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller will sell for €129.99, while the component package will cost €59.99. Both will be available from September 21st. In addition to these new products, Microsoft is implementing stricter quality controls on these luxury controllers in response to the many technical issues that users may have experienced since the line launched in 2015.


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