Xbox: Microsoft reinvents interface, new home page coming in 2023

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are getting an updated user interface in addition to an all-new, redesigned home screen. Microsoft is currently testing a few changes, but the final version should arrive next year.

Microsoft has detailed the first of a series of changes to the Xbox home page that are currently being tested for a possible launch in 2023. New features are starting to roll out to a random subset of Xbox Insiders. Ivey Chrislov, senior product manager for Xbox Experiences, announced that a “series of months-long experiences” will begin this week that will focus on the Xbox UI and homepage design.

The goal is to update the layout with a new design that doesn’t take people away from the Xbox. The idea is to improve the Xbox Home user experience by 2023. Until then, Microsoft will slowly and repeatedly implement changes and collect feedback from end users.

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What has changed in the new Xbox interface?

These changes include a new “Back” bar for quick access to recently played games, as well as dedicated tiles for Settings, Store, Search, and My Games & Apps.

In addition, users now have greater control over where their various games, apps, and other forms of media are downloaded from. In other words, every time you download something to your console, you can specify different installation locations on a case-by-case basis, such as internal or external drives, instead of concentrating everything in one place.

The UI changes will first be made available to Xbox Insiders, who already received the important Xbox Game Pass sharing feature last week. Then they will regularly receive several small changes until Microsoft is satisfied with the result. The team wants to make sure the familiar design of Xbox Home isn’t disrupted when making changes to reimagine the experience. The stable version of this new interface will be rolled out in 2023. We also remind you that Xbox consoles now have a power saving mode to help you cut down on your energy bills.

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