Xbox: navigation, layout… Microsoft introduces a new, more practical and intuitive interface for its consoles

Game news Xbox: navigation, layout… Microsoft introduces a new, more practical and intuitive interface for its consoles

Published on 08/09/2022 at 20:13

When it comes to improving the gaming experience for players, the Xbox team works hard and strives to make it as perfect as possible, taking everyone’s feedback into account. That’s why Microsoft is asking members of the Xbox Insider program to come up with a brand new interface that’s more intuitive.

Members who have an opinion

First of all, for those unfamiliar with Xbox Insider, this is a program that brings together several Xbox enthusiasts who have the privilege of testing the latest system updates, certain features, and even games in development before anyone else. In turn, this group of players responds to surveys and informs the development teams about the slightest problems.

Because the home page is an important centerpiece of the console where players spend a lot of time, Microsoft has expressed a desire to work on a redesign of the Xbox interface. As part of the process, members of the Xbox Insiders Program were randomly selected to test all of the upcoming changes over the next few months. Please note that the rollout will be gradual for a launch scheduled for 2023 and it is not known at the time of this writing if this is for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, or two consoles.

Xbox will update its home interface in 2023.

  • layout and design changes
  • improved navigation through settings and applications

Selected Xbox Insiders will have access to some of these changes starting today.

Gradual rollout of the new interface

In a post on the official Xbox website, Evey Krislov, Senior Product Manager at Xbox Experiences, talks about a cleaner and more organized layout.

Starting this week, a random group of Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Skip-Ahead Loop will see some layout, design, and accessibility changes as we experiment with different approaches. In addition, we’re also exploring options for new game channels and collections as you browse content selected for you based on things like the games you’ve played or how to get the most out of your Game Pass subscription.

Thus, the first wave of updates allows you to highlight the very first improvements:

  • A new row labeled “Back” that provides faster access to recently used games and applications.
  • Easier access to certain apps, such as settings, store, or game library.
  • A selection of categories and recommendations based on your preferences.

All that’s left is to wait for the first feedback from insider members interested in the test to learn about the rest of the experiment.

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