Xbox: New, More Affordable Elite Series 2 Controller in Core Edition

A few weeks ago, we spotted a new white Xbox Elite Series 2 controller that Microsoft didn’t announce ahead of time. Today, the American giant is formalizing this new model, which is conceived as an evolution of the Elite controller and is given a new name: “Core”. This is a premium controller, according to Microsoft, offering unparalleled customization options allowing you to play with your own configuration.

The new, more affordable Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.

Specifically, this new Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller has been designed to meet the expectations of the most competitive gamers while being offered at a lower price than the existing black model.

There are tension-adjustable joysticks, wraparound rubber grips, and triggers with shorter trigger locks, not to mention the battery pack. The controller comes by default without the slightest replacement element, which allows Microsoft to position the latter at a price of 129.99 euros against 179.99 euros for the black model.

Apparently, Microsoft will also launch a replacement parts package for the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller on the market, which will be priced at 59.99 euros. It will contain interchangeable joysticks, paddle shapes and crosses with different directions, not to mention a shipping box, charging station and USB-C cable.

Also note that the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller will also be part of the Xbox Design Lab program. So those who love to customize their controller can start with the Elite Series 2 base and build the controller of their dreams. All this will be available for the holiday season, Microsoft promises.

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