Xbox One Sale: Sekiro Shadows Die Twice 60% Off

Score: 17/20

If the ability to be able to rise from the dead to resume combat could mislead some about the accessibility of Sekiro, the game from the Japanese studio does not take long to reveal its true nature of pure game drawn from DNA From Software. Technical, demanding, often uncompromising in the face of error, it is nonetheless always as rewarding after the slightest success. With a dynamism exacerbated by the arrival of combat mechanics designed to offer us the feeling of controlling a shinobi, Sekiro draws as much from Tenchu ​​for a correct infiltration part but without splinters, as from Souls for his memorable clashes. The blades of the katanas collide with mad class, as the player progresses in blood in the face of an increasingly tough challenge; a road sometimes frustrating in certain aspects, but where every little step is so good for our ego as a player. An experience which, if it could discourage some, is nonetheless highly recommendable. In short, as the slogan of its big brothers would say so well: Prepare to die …

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