Xbox one step ahead of PS5 with this new update

Game news Xbox one step ahead of PS5 with this new update

Published on 13.09.2022 at 21:51

For months now, gamers have been waiting for an additional feature to improve voice chat on consoles. Today, that expectation has finally come true, finally on the side of Microsoft machines.

Apple of discord

In March 2021, we learned via Bloomberg and VentureBeat that Microsoft was considering the Discord app for a possible takeover. But even if the American giant were to lay a $10 billion check on the table, the acquisition would never take place, and the free app would even be approached by Sony, which announced a few months later that it had acquired a minority stake. to Discord Inc. to integrate messaging into the PlayStation ecosystem. With this twist, we thought the PlayStation brand would win the race against the Xbox consoles by integrating Discord voice chat first, but that is ultimately not the case.

New turn! Today, Eric Voreis, General Product Manager at Microsoft, speaks on Xbox Wire to announce big news: Discord messaging voice chat is finally making its debut on Xbox. Yes, Discord voice chat is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

With this new update, you can chat with anyone on Discord using voice channels or group calls right from your console. This will make it easier to chat with friends on mobile devices, Xbox or PC. You will also be able to see who is on the call and who is talking while playing on the console. You can also customize the sound and switch between Discord voice chat and Xbox group chat while enjoying all your favorite games. Eric Voreis, General Product Manager, Microsoft

To get the Discord app up and running on Xbox, simply sign in to your Discord account from your phone to link it to your Xbox account.

You will need to go through this step even if you have already linked your accounts in the past. You can then join any Discord channel or chat and transfer it to your Xbox. ”’Eric Voreys

A little more patience for Discord on PS5

If the Xbox won the race, note that the PlayStation 5 is also gearing up to welcome the app’s voice chat, but you’ll have to be patient. According to Tom Henderson, a keen-eared insider, Discord voice chat will only be available on PlayStation 5 in 2023. More precisely, since March 8. Of course, this latest information should be taken with a pinch of salt as nothing has been announced by the main stakeholders on this matter, except that Discord voice chat will indeed be coming to Sony’s ninth generation console in the near future.

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