Xbox: our party after the holidays?

In August of this year, you were told that the price of the PS5 would rise by 50 euros and the Xbox series would not see a price increase. Well, that was before, during a CNBC interview, Phil Spencer, manager of Xbox Game Studios and product manager for the Xbox division, dropped a piece and we found out that Microsoft was losing between $100 and $200 on a machine sold at Xbox. The S and X series, of course. Expect a possible increase in hardware and/or subscription prices after the holidays, the Xbox boss also told The Verge that this will eventually happen.

As we said, Xbox Game Pass represents 15 percent of the Content and Services division of the Video Games division, but again, during The Verge’s trust, we learn that Phil Spencer doesn’t see a future. where the Xbox brand derives most of its revenue from subscriptions in a scheme similar to Netflix. Let’s hope that this will mean that Xbox Game Studios games will soon have a more regular release schedule, because it must be admitted that this end of the year is very fading away on the side of the Redmond giant.

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