Xbox players can start the game with a clip or screenshot of a friend.

Microsoft is releasing an Xbox update that includes several cool console and cloud gaming features. For example, there is a new way to jump into the game. When a friend shares a screenshot or game clip, you can hit the play button on your computer or mobile device and launch the game in your browser.

So, if you’re on your phone and you see a cool clip your friend posted, you can start playing with just a click of a button. This is a cloud gaming feature, so you’ll need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership to use it.

The Xbox version of this feature doesn’t feel as advanced as Stadia State Share, which allows you to join the game at the same moment as someone else and experience the world exactly as they left it, just by clicking a link. However, it’s still neat.

Another feature available on Xbox Series X/S starting today is noise reduction in group chats. Microsoft says it can keep unwanted sounds like controller clicks, your breathing, and background noise away from the ears of others. This is great news for anyone who uses group chats and is annoyed by it.


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