Xbox price hike after PS5? Microsoft responds

Yesterday, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced a price increase for its PS5 gaming console. This applies to several markets, including Europe and France, where the PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc player is €549.99 (+10%) and the PS5 Digital Edition is €449.99 (+12.5%).

This PS5 price increase, justified by inflation and adverse currency effects, is a rare exception in the US. In the US, the competing Xbox game console is especially popular.

When asked if a similar increase would affect the Xbox Series X or S, Microsoft responded that the MSRP for the Xbox Series X remains at $499 and for the Xbox Series S at $299. It is emphasized that the tariff status quo also extends to other markets of the world.

Under constant review…

In France, the Xbox Series X costs 499.99 euros. The Xbox Series S (no optical drive, less powerful GPU, and no 4K at up to 120fps) is priced at €299.99 from launch.

“We are constantly evaluating our business to provide our fans with an exceptional gaming experience,” added a Microsoft (CNET) spokesperson. This notion of constant valuation does not permanently close the door to the possibility of future price increases.

All the art of communication, so as not to possibly come back later. An aspect that Microsoft doesn’t always master, in particular by hinting in another registry that Windows 10 will be the last continuous evolution of Windows. And then there was Windows 11.


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