Xbox serie x and ps5 are they worth it?

As we all know, the shortage of certain components or semiconductors with which the consoles are equipped are out of stock or at best are supplied to other customers such as samsung, apple etc …
There will necessarily be some deliveries but not enough to meet demand, at least not before mid … 2022! According to amd, foxconn confirms this in turn.
My fear is not to see big AAA arriving by then, the publishers had to take their precotions and calculate the output of their games according to the park or the demand.
If this were the case, what is the point of buying a next gen if it’s just to play old gen games at 60 fps, knowing that in 2022 -2023 there will surely be a ps5 pro or x pro series!

In short, tell me what you think about it, and for owners of ps5 or xbox one x / s, have you felt this famous transition to the next gen since your purchase, apart from the 60 fps which is in my opinion more a comfort than a good technology in the sense of the term next gen.

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