Xbox series consoles will soon load faster

Game time! Microsoft Xbox consoles will load much faster in an upcoming update. Some players are already using it.

Not until next August, all gamers with Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S should win a few seconds at launch. After the testing phase currently underway with Windows Insiders, Microsoft is indeed gearing up to roll out an update to greatly reduce the startup time of its machines.

9 to 4 seconds to launch an Xbox console

Already fast in terms of boot time, Microsoft’s consoles will specifically improve the boot phase. Cold booting Xbox Series X|S currently takes nine seconds. More precisely, 20 seconds, if we count the time between the player physically pressing the controller and exiting to the home screen through the Microsoft logo. But the animation time for this logo has been increased to four seconds, as Microsoft’s Josh Munsey confirmed on Twitter.

Xbox Series X|S users, on the other hand, will only see this fifteen-second startup benefit if their console is set to power-saving mode. Indeed, in the Instant Start mode, which consumes more electricity, the machine instantly reboots from the place where it was before the shutdown.

Complete extinction is always more interesting

Thus, completely disabling the Microsoft console will soon be doubly interesting and profitable. And for the planet, and for the user, who will save money without wasting time. Especially since recently the power saving mode, now the default mode, allows you to download updates in the background.

Therefore, this improvement will not be long in coming, along with the arrival of the Discord chat service on Xbox consoles. For those in a hurry, just join the Windows Insider Program and download the latest console update. For this :

  • On his Xbox, go to the Microsoft Store.
  • Type “Insider” in the search bar
  • Select “Xbox Insider Bundle” and install it on your computer.
  • Then launch the Xbox Insider Hub, then the Previews tab and select the desired feature.

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