Xbox Series S gets more powerful with memory optimization

Consoles like the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S have fixed hardware but are updated regularly in terms of software. That’s what’s happening this month with the Xbox Series S, which will be able to use more memory for games thanks to optimizations.

More memory available for Xbox Series S games

The announcement was made by Microsoft as part of the Xbox Development Kit (GDK) update. It contains a palette of tools that make it as easy as possible for developers to create their games and release them on the Xbox platform. It is in this context that the Xbox Series S will now have more memory for games.

As Microsoft points out, most of the optimizations made to development kits are directly based on developer feedback. And now it’s official: the latest update to the Xbox Development Kit allows the Xbox Series S to get more memory.

Hundreds of megabytes of additional memory are now available to Xbox Series S developers.

This new feature is the result of optimization work carried out by Xbox engineers and will allow developers to improve the graphical performance of their games when memory is low.

The Xbox Series S has 10GB of storage (16GB on the Xbox Series X), 8GB at 224GB/s and 2GB at 56GB/s. One part is used to manage the interface and background tasks, and the other is used to run games. So this is good news for developers who are always looking for more features.

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