Xbox Series S: his name would be confirmed –

If the

Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s next gaming console, will arrive for the holiday season
year, it would be preceded by a less powerful and less
dear who would have the code name Xbox Lockhart and which has been mentioned since
several months under the name

Xbox Series S.

A Reddit user posted the

photo of the packaging of a new Xbox controller that appears to confirm that its name
official will be Xbox Series S. The packaging indicates that the controller
works on Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox One, PC,
Android and iOS smartphone.

It might not be long before the S-series hits the road.
be official. It is rumored that Microsoft could

unveil the console at the end of August. Phil Spencer, vice president of games at Microsoft,
had indicated that the company would release more details on the X series this
this month.

For the moment, neither Microsoft nor Sony have announced the price of their
next generation of consoles. Like Microsoft, the Japanese firm will have
also two variants of its

PlayStation 5: a standard version, and a cheaper console, only digital,
without disk drive.

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Article from adapted by CNETFrance

Image: Microsoft / Reddit user Zakk_exe

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