Xbox Series S Holiday Price Drop: Save $50 and Get Ready for Starfield

Black Friday is fast approaching and Microsoft is dropping the price of its Xbox Series S console by $50, perfect for both the holidays and the release of Starfield early next year.

The $50 discount means the Xbox Series S console is now $249.99. (will open in a new tab) and therefore at the lowest price to date. We think the timing for this deal couldn’t be better, not only because it’s time for the holidays, but also for the release of Starfield, due early next year. If that wasn’t enough to tempt you, you can also get the console in a nice Christmas package.

Although the deal was revealed in the midst of Black Friday celebrations, it is valid all holidays. However, we won’t be delayed as demand for the Series S exceeded supply over the holidays last year, and we expect it to happen again this year.

If you’re into gaming, there’s a lot to like about the Xbox Series S too, so it’s not just the savings that makes it worth buying. It’s the most compact design of any Xbox, and you get the controller and headset included in the price. For other great deals this Black Friday, you can also check out our VR headset deals and the best Lego deals.

Early next year, Starfield will launch a new open space RPG. Not only will you need a platform to play, but if you can’t wait that long to get a game fix, you can also purchase an Xbox Game Pass subscription. (will open in a new tab) for an instant library of 100+ games including some of the best space games like Halo Infinite, No Man’s Sky and Gears 5.

512GB of storage and the ability to display video at 120fps means you can get the gaming experience you want, and with exclusive titles including Halo Infinite, it’s hard not to. You also get a controller and headset for your money, so right before the holidays, if you’re looking for a new gaming experience or a great gift for someone you know, there’s $50 off. (will open in a new tab) might be the perfect deal.

With the holiday season and Black Friday sales in full swing, now is the perfect time to grab a bargain on some of the best space gifts and deals.

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