Xbox Series S: my review, one month later!

Hello to you dear player! Are you here to find out what’s the catch behind the low price of the Xbox Series S? Well spoiler: there is none! It simply promises to play in 1440p (therefore on a Full HD screen, or a PC screen), games with an experience close to an Xbox Series X… But without 4K!

So, of course, there were hiccups at startup. So, if on the optimized Series S | X games, the console is doing pretty well (Ray Tracing in Watch Dogs Legion, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla even received an update for 60 fps, Ori 2 runs in 4K 60 fps and even in 1080p 120 fps, Yakuza 7 offers 60 fps), it is true that for Xbox One backward compatibility, we are entitled to the Xbox One S versions of the games, which are often… let’s say it, optimized with the feet precisely. Special mention to Soul Calibur VI and its 720p impossible to ignore on Xbox Series S, forcing me to continue playing the game on my PS4 Pro (and anyway, I only have xbox 360 / PC arcade sticks / PS4).

But curiously, as far as the backward compatibility of Xbox 360 or Xbox Original games is concerned, everything is fine: the console does benefit from all the improvements possible on these games, and even adds auto-HDR ^^!

When it comes to next-gen gaming, the Xbox Series S is built to stand the test of time. Like the Xbox One S which continues alongside the Xbox One X, the Xbox Series S is designed to support the Xbox Series X for small budgets – In the future, the Xbox One S should no longer be part of the marketing plan, and the Xbox Series S will be one of the ways to access Xbox Game Pass on a screen, if you do not have a good Internet connection in particular – otherwise you can go directly through the xCloud box without “To encumber” this tiny box that is the Series S. In any case, the new generation games improve week after week, according to updates (which are done automatically when the console is in standby), even bringing, in certain cases, new graphic modes (as on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and its famous 60 fps which I spoke to you above, even if it is necessary to sacrifice the resolution to 720p).

One of the major features of the Xbox Series X, namely the Quick Resume, is also available on Xbox Series S. This makes it an ideal add-on console, for example to continue your game of Cyberpunk 2077 without ever having to watch again. the game start menu. It does not look like much, but it is a significant comfort, especially if you play a game occasionally, every night for example, like its small series of favorite game. You can even turn off the console in the middle of a session, join your sweetheart at the airport, turn on your console and resume, at 2 am, the game exactly where it was, like a kind of “break” 2.0. It’s just magic, and that can be one of the reasons to buy this little jewel 🙂!

The Xbox Series S is the perfect console to step into the next generation of console, without investing in a new TV or expensive console. It should ideally be coupled with an Xbox Game Pass subscription and a sufficient Internet connection to download your games without time constraints – Microsoft’s servers are among those delivering the highest speeds in the world! This is how you can make the most of your Xbox Series S, which is a cheap alternative to a PS5 – you could even have this Xbox Series S alongside a PS5 to enter the Xbox world!

The real problem with the Xbox Series S is the demands that gamers have on this console, which only responds to a need: that of allowing players to play Next-Gen games at a low price, without necessarily being a cheaper iteration of the Xbox Series X.

Having a choice is priceless, let the public decide the fate of this Xbox Series S … In any case, I adopted it, and I am not disappointed!

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