Xbox Series X: a notable exclusive arrives on PS5

The exclusives of the Xbox Series X are far from being legion. And Microsoft’s console is about to lose one of its most popular. This is the psychological horror game The Medium. We take stock.

Since the release of the Xbox Series X, gamers have had few exclusive games to eat. Among the most notable exclusives, we especially retain The Medium, the title developed by Bloober Team. A psychological horror game that hit Microsoft’s next-generation consoles on January 28, 2021. But what are we talking about?

In Medium, the player plays a certain Marianne. Straddling the world of the living and the dead, this medium finds herself constantly confronted with the murder of a child who haunts her. The player will then have to investigate an abandoned hotel for the less terrifying. Solving puzzles and surviving will be your destiny if you embark on this horrific adventure.

The Medium is coming to PS5!

Available until then exclusively on Xbox Series and Windows PC, the game will finally burst into competition. Indeed, The Medium will be available on September 3 on PS5. A trailer was thus published by PlayStation on its YouTube channel (to be found at the end of the article). Sony also emphasizes that the game will benefit from a “Full compatibility” with the DualSense controller. The haptic feedback could thus make the gaming experience even more terrifying.

A snub for Xbox which is still struggling to offer exclusive games to its flock. But that should change in the future. Indeed, since the takeover of Zenimax Media by Microsoft, Bethesda games will now be Xbox and PC exclusives. We think in particular of The Elder Scrolls VI whose release date remains unknown for the moment. But also in Starfield scheduled for November 11, 2022 on Windows PC and Xbox Series X / S.

In addition, an insider suggests that a host of exclusives should land in the future on Xbox Series X. In 2023, we should be able to discover Avowed, Fale or Perfect Dark. Unconfirmed information that must therefore be considered with caution.

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