Xbox Series X and S are able to suppress all annoying sounds from the environment.

The Xbox Series X and Series S offer a small new addition to the most interesting for those who play online. It allows you to remove from the environment all those small noises that can annoy other players and yourself during the game or just while chatting with friends.

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Microsoft has just released an update for their various Xbox models. Among the new features in this update 10.0.22621.1836 is a feature designed for players on Xbox Series X and Series S. With it, you can say goodbye to unwanted noise when communicating with other players.

This feature was already introduced last May, but it was meant for insiders at the time. Now it is available to all players. Thus, you can remove unpleasant sounds that can be heard when you play and chat online with friends: controller clicks, players breathing, as well as all other small unbearable noises of the room you are in. find.

Xbox Series X and S automatically cancel ambient noise

If you use Discord and its Krisp audio filters, you are familiar with this type of feature. While it may not be possible to eliminate all sounds coming from your surroundings, especially the noisiest ones, this option will still eliminate most of the annoyances you may encounter while chatting and/or playing. This feature is enabled by default. You can turn it off by going to Party Chat Features > Settings.

This update is accompanied by another novelty. Now when you share clips and screenshots with your friends, they can instantly join you from their PC, smartphone or tablet. To enjoy it, just click on the new “Play” button that will appear in the browser. Microsoft indicates that some games, however, require an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

The September 6, 2022 update is currently being rolled out. You may not have access to it yet. At the time of this writing, it has not yet been mentioned on the French Microsoft support site, but only on its English page. Don’t panic: updating internationally shouldn’t take long, it’s just a matter of hours.

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