Xbox Series X and S will launch faster soon

Microsoft has improved the launch time for Xbox Series X and S. Launch animations for next generation consoles will soon be reduced from 9 seconds to 4 seconds. The update will be released to all users sometime in August.

Less than two years after their release, the Xbox Series X and S will receive an update that will vastly improve the player experience, at least the most eager gamers. Next-gen consoles are already loading faster than Xbox One, but they’re about to get even faster. Indeed, the Xbox developer has confirmed that the Xbox Series X/S loading animation will be shorter.

Xbox Series S and its controller – Photo: Mika Baumeister/Unsplash

This novelty has already been noticed by the players of the Xbox Insider program. This program allows willing gamers to test Xbox features in advance. As such, reduced load times will soon be available to all Xbox gamers, whether Series X or Series S. In addition, gamers can now enjoy their favorite Xbox games on their Samsung TV without a console through the Xbox for Smart TV app.

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The update will be released in August for Xbox Series X and S.

On Twitter, an Xbox engineer wrote: “Someone asked me about this and I admit I had no idea, but I checked and yes, the animation start time and cold start time in general on Xbox Series X/S consoles have been changed. abbreviated in recent versions.

The Xbox Series X and S boot animation is currently around 9 seconds long. With the next update, it will only take 4 seconds. Josh Munsey, developer of Xbox¸, actually confirmed that he created “a shorter loading animation (~4s) than the original loading animation (~9s), which helps reduce the overall load time.” You can see in the tweet the time difference between the old and new launch animations.

Finally, we don’t have a specific date yet, but the update containing this new launch animation will be rolling out in August to all players. Meanwhile, members of the Xbox Insider program continue to test it.


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