Xbox Series X and S: You will get 5 more seconds to start the console

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles will soon receive an update that should reduce load times. Thus, the latter would increase from nine to four seconds. A novelty that should please the most impatient of us.

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Do you have an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console and are in a hurry? The new update, which will touch two Microsoft consoles, will surely please you. While the Xbox Series X and S are selling pretty well in 2022, especially compared to the PS5, both consoles are getting a major update. The purpose of this is to significantly improve the user experience. It is by increasing the speed of launching the console.

You should know that next generation consoles have already greatly improved startup speeds over older generation consoles, but Microsoft clearly wants more for its Xbox Series X/S. As a reminder, it only takes about nine seconds for an Xbox Series X or S to launch. From now on, you can save another five seconds with the new upcoming update.

Xbox Series X and S will turn on faster

This is an Xbox developer who just confirmed that the Xbox Series X and S will now turn on faster. Players of the Xbox Insider program, which specifically allows willing gamers to test Xbox features ahead of time, were even able to spot the novelty. Xbox developer Josh Munsey stated that he created a “shorter loading animation than the original loading animation, which helps reduce overall loading times.”

As such, this improvement to the launch speed of the Xbox Series X and S consoles will arrive as an update. And users should see load times drop from nine to five seconds. Microsoft has not announced a specific release date for the update. But it should see the light in the month of August.

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