Xbox Series X and Series S welcome their first big update

The Xbox Series X and Series were released barely a month ago, but Microsoft is already rolling out a big update to its interface. While it does not drastically change the experience, it does bring some nice little news that will make life easier for users. Those who play on Xbox One will also benefit, with the OS being common.

Microsoft had promised regular updates regarding its Xbox Series X and Series S and the promise is kept. Next-gen consoles, as well as the Xbox One, receive today a new interface update. A first big update which does not shake up the experience of the players, but which aims to make their life easier and to push them to personalize their machine a little more.

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Dynamic wallpapers (only available on Series X and Series S) now welcome six new options. Plus, some of these new wallpapers pay homage to previous Xboxes, which is perfect if you’ve been a fan of the console since its inception. To change it, just go to the options. Note that Microsoft indicates that it is working on more dynamic wallpapers for the next updates.

Download games in advance

Microsoft also offers to indicate whether a game is compatible with HDR or not directly in its file. Now, as soon as the Guide menu is displayed, a small “Auto HDR” tab appears or not (provided HDR is enabled). Convenient. The library was also reviewed, since it is now possible to see at a glance whether a game is optimized for Series X / S or not via an icon superimposed on its visual.

Xbox Series X

This update brings other small new features, such as a better visualization of progress in trophies (via the Guide menu) or the ability to easily add other users to the console. Finally, it is now possible to install advance games that will be available on Game Pass. If you have a weak connection and you really want to play a title of the service as soon as it becomes available, it will be possible to start the download in advance to be ready on the big day.

Xbox Series X

The update is currently rolling out and you should have it in the next few hours, if you haven’t already.

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