Xbox Series X Console Purchase Driver Opens To More Users

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(Pocket-lint) – Microsoft has extended the pilot program that allows certain users to reserve and purchase Xbox Series X and Series S consoles.

As advertised onTwitter , the company is now expanding the Console Purchase Pilot program, which debuted on May 11, to a new wave of U.S. Xbox Insider users who sign up through an Xbox One or Windows 10.

“It is with enthusiasm that we share the decision today to relax and unwind this console purchase pilot to another wave. We have allocated an additional batch of inbound console inventory, enough to reopen the flight records in the Xbox Insider Hub,” Microsoft explained. on Reddit.

This happens after the first uptime wave has been met within 48 hours, users who missed a console during the initial trial automatically signed up for the console.

We’ve already covered exactly what it is and how to sign up for the Xbox Insider program, but, essentially, it’s how Microsoft allows users to test out certain features that haven’t yet been released to a larger user base.

As part of the fun, participants sometimes receive rewards, discounts, and the chance to try out new games ahead of time – and, in this case, it’s the chance to grab an X / S Series.

With Microsoft hinting that supply for the Xbox Series X would be limited until at least this month, also in June, this is probably one of the more realistic avenues to explore when hunting for the console.

As always, keep it locked on our Xbox Series X / S Deals Page , which is up to date with the latest availability.

Written by Conor Allison.

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