Xbox Series X mini-fridges are coming

As soon as its plastic became known to the world, the Xbox Series X was compared, in shape and size, to a refrigerator. Microsoft quickly grabbed hold of this joke and will, from now on, get down to pushing the boundaries of fun on the modern Internet.

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It could have been a joke, with the support of some very influential people. But no. Microsoft will follow through on its ideas and market an Xbox Series X mini-fridge. For the moment no date has been announced.

Thanks Twitter

There had to be some motivation behind this decision. It all started with a Twitter competition. The Twitter Marketing account launched this Thursday, April 1, voting battles between brands which, to motivate their fans, have gone there with their campaign promises.

The Redmond firm falls face to face with Skittles. The confectioner assures that a victory will allow the lime taste to return among his fruity gums. And Aaron Greenberg, boss of Xbox marketing sheath as a secret weapon the production of a series of these fridges which already benefit Snoop Dogg or iJustine, but in reduced size.

On April 2, more than 340,000 votes later, the sentence fell: 50.5% of the votes went to Xbox, which will therefore keep its commitment.

Thank you to all voters, the fight has been tense and exciting. Now that Xbox has won, we’re going to keep our promise and make these Xbox Series X mini-fridges. The first one to come out of the factory will of course be full of games and for our friends at Skittles!

We imagine that collectors will pounce on this household appliance. But beware that there is no more in homes than the console itself, still produced and sold in very limited quantities since its launch last November. Because the jokes, a time goes by. Finally, although, if PlayStation promises to create air conditioners or Wi-Fi routers resembling the PS5, it could hold out for a while …

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