Xbox Series X price: Microsoft won’t raise the price

Microsoft confirms there will be no price increase for Xbox Series X | S. While Sony just announced a PS5 price increase justified by “high global inflation as well as unfavorable monetary trends”, Xbox is not following the same path!

Sony surprised the video game industry by announcing an immediate price increase for the PlayStation 5 in several territories. Price increases are as high as 10% in some areas. After this announcement, Xbox fans and the gaming community at large wondered if Microsoft would follow suit with the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

The Redmond-based firm was less affected by the crisis and shortages, allowing it to gain market share in terms of the number of consoles sold. His strategy with Xbox Game Pass is really successful, this formula has attracted many players on consoles as well as on PC. The Xbox Series S is also a real asset, more affordable and has won over many less demanding gamers.

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No price increase for Xbox Series X | FROM

Thus, rising prices could slow the growth of Xbox. This seems to be Microsoft’s point of view. A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that there are no plans to raise prices for the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

According to a number of analysts, the increase in the price of PS5 should not affect sales. If you’re still looking for a PlayStation 5, be sure to check out the PS5 Live Inventory page or follow Cosmo Games on Twitter and hit the bell to get notified.

If you like Xbox Series X better, you can get it today: Xbox Series X Standard Edition | S: available at the price of 469€!.

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