Xbox Series X / S: Here are the uses of the mysterious multifunction button Adoxa

According to reports from the last few hours, the minimalist design of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S hides a little “secret” inside, which will allow gamers to use the old media remote even on next-gen consoles. To reveal it, it was Xbox Live Programming Director Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb who, through his personal profile on Twitter, shared this information with the public, pointing out that the same button players will use to associate the new controllers and other accessories to the consoles can also be used as a receiver for the infrared remote controls. Thanks to the special button, the controller’s synchronization should be even faster and more precise, and should not lead to the loss of any of its many features on the device.

Xbox One Media Remotes will continue to work with the Xbox X and Xbox S series as part of our commitment to advancing gamers with their existing accessories. The design team hid the IR receiver inside the pairing button of the new controllers.

It’s certainly a very smart way to leverage and double the use of a single button, in order to preserve as much as possible the incredibly minimalist aesthetic of both consoles. Additionally, this tends to underline once again Microsoft’s desire to continue to support the vast majority of Xbox accessories from previous generations which, contrary to what Sony recently announced regarding its new generation PlayStation 5 console, can be used. freely on the new consoles thanks to the presence of the infrared receiver. Finally, we remind you that the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be officially available from November 10, 2020, at a price of € 499.99 and € 299.99 respectively.

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