Xbox Series X/S: No price increase expected… yet

Microsoft shouldn’t go the Sony route by raising prices on its Xbox Series X and S consoles, at least not yet. Price increases are reportedly not on the agenda, but this may change in the future.

Sony rocked the home console industry last month by announcing a surprise price hike for its PS5. Prices for both models increased by 50 euros, bringing the digital version to 449.99 euros and the standard version to 549.99 euros. Its competitors, Nintendo and Microsoft, reacted immediately to this announcement.

Nintendo has promised that the price of the Switch will not rise despite inflation, while Microsoft has also said that the prices of its two latest generation consoles will not change. In a new interview with CNBC, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer reiterated that there are no plans for an increase at the moment, but he did not assure that the situation would not change in the future.

Microsoft may raise prices

Phil Spencer said in an interview that he doesn’t think it’s time to adjust his Xbox Series X and S console pricing strategy, but the head of Xbox added that he doesn’t rule out doing so in the future. “We always evaluate our activities for the future. So I don’t think we can ever say about anything that we will never do something,” he said. “But when we look at our consoles today and you’ve been talking about them – Series X and Series S – we think value is incredibly important. We love the Series S position in the market, which is our cheapest console yet. More than half of the new players we find are from the S-Series.”

Phil Spencer continues by assuring that Microsoft has no plans to increase the prices of its consoles at this time. According to Microsoft, raising prices in the current environment would be a bad decision for its customers, who are more than ever experiencing economic difficulties due to inflation. Thus, the American company seems to prioritize its customers over its own profits for the moment.

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