Xbox Series X: The next update will lower your electricity bill

Starting today, Xbox Insiders will receive a new update that helps reduce the carbon footprint of downloads by scheduling downloads to run at a time when the console is making the most of its renewable energy. Provided that you use the Off (power saving) mode.

The new Xbox update wants to make your console carbon-aware, as Microsoft © Xbox says.

In an effort to make Xbox “the first carbon-conscious gaming platform,” Microsoft has detailed a sustainability-focused update for its Xbox consoles that is currently rolling out to Xbox Insiders.

The update, which Xbox Insiders can download now, aims to reduce the game’s environmental impact and introduces several new features to help Microsoft meet its goal of being a carbon neutral company by 2030. The update brings several changes.

What’s new in the latest Xbox update?

Microsoft says that when your Xbox console is online and connected to the internet, it will use regional carbon intensity data (if available) to schedule updates at the lowest power consumption. e

Basically, this means that your console will no longer wake up randomly at night to perform an update: it will wake up at a time when it can use as much renewable energy as possible. On the other hand, it will be possible to determine the time intervals when the console will be active.

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This will reduce dependence on fossil fuels, reduce CO2 emissions, and may even save you money, Microsoft says. This is currently only available to Xbox Insiders not using Rest Mode, but will eventually benefit all Xbox users, including Xbox One.

With this update, Microsoft will also put your Xbox Series X|S console into “Shut Down (Power Saving)” power mode. Microsoft claims that this mode reduces power consumption by up to 20 times when the console is turned off compared to sleep mode.

The Redmond-based company clarifies that this will not affect performance, gameplay, or the ability to receive console updates overnight. The only thing this will affect is Remote Wake, though Microsoft says you can cancel it at any time.


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