Xbox Series X|S overtakes PS5 in big sales week in Japan

The Xbox, which is aiming to do better in Japan, has had another great sales week, outselling the PlayStation 5 in Sony’s home country. The numbers come to us from Famitsu, which lists console sales from September 12th to 18th.

Tokyo Series Show

Microsoft took to the Tokyo Game Show on September 15th with a slew of announcements clearly aimed at Japanese gamers, not just Japanese fans around the world. Most of the games announced are also on Xbox Game Pass, one of the best doors to access which is the Xbox Series S thanks to its low price to access ninth generation consoles.

In addition to its attractive price and availability in stores, the Xbox Series S is compact and therefore quite suitable for the Japanese market. This is especially evident as of the 14,077 Xbox Series sold last week, the Xbox Series S makes up nearly 94% of the total. Thus, Xbox consoles perform better than PlayStation consoles, with 11,180 PS5s sold in total.

Ranking of the best-selling consoles in Japan for the past week

  • Nintendo Switch OLED: 96,889 units
  • Nintendo Switch: 25,683 units
  • Nintendo Switch Lite: 4986 units
  • PS5: 8739 units
  • PS5 Digital Edition: 2441
  • Xbox Series X: 866 units
  • Xbox Series S: 13,211 units
  • PS4: 12 units
  • New Nintendo 2DS LL: 29 units

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