Xbox Series X|S: These Hidden Settings You Should Change to Improve Your Experience

The Xbox is a very complete console with very complete software. Hide many features in the settings to go further.

The Xbox is a fantastic console with great software. And it has even more potential. Xbox does have a lot of hidden features and settings that are not enabled by default. Just dive into the settings to greatly improve the experience.

Reduce energy consumption

The Xbox has a great power saving mode that isn’t necessarily enabled by default. To activate it, turn on your console and press the Xbox button on your controller, then open Profile & System. Then, in Settings, go to General > Power Options. Select Power off and navigate to the two Power off after options to change the idle time before shutting down completely.

Turning off your console completely will save you a lot of power, but it will take longer to wake up and won’t update when you’re not using it.

Fix Notifications

Your Xbox loves notifications and this could be a problem. Notifications may prevent you from accessing a game element or appear when you shouldn’t. Personalize it. To do this, go to Xbox Settings > Settings > Notifications. Correct the position of the alerts by going to the Default Notification Position. The bottom right corner is usually the least intrusive.

Return to the previous page and go to the Xbox Notifications section. Disable everything you don’t need. This page also allows you to turn off notifications completely, which is ideal if you don’t play online.

Enable better accessibility settings

Xbox has a whole bunch of hidden features on its accessibility page. You can try night mode to reduce eye strain, remap controller buttons, and turn off controller vibration, among other things.

Optimize screen resolution

You need to make sure your Xbox is getting the most out of your TV. In Xbox Settings > General > TV & Display Settings, take a moment to review all settings. The Video Modes options let you affect refresh rates and other things, for example, while the Calibrate TV option lets you make sure your Xbox can display colors correctly.

Download main applications

Most users like their Xbox as a gaming console, but it’s also a great streaming device. However, you must download the apps to take full advantage of it. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple Music, Spotify are all available in the Microsoft Store. Just like “Audio CD Player” and “Blu-Ray Player” to enjoy your collection the way you should.

Check your HDMI-CEC settings

HDMI-CEC is a convenient feature that reduces the number of remote controls. When properly configured, it turns the TV on or off when the set-top box is turned on or off.

To set it up, go to Xbox Settings > General > TV & Display Settings > Manage Devices. Enable HDMI-CEC and desired options. The most useful ones are “Console turns on other devices”, “Console turns off other devices”, and “Change TV input with controller”. The latter is useful if multiple devices are connected to the TV. Pressing the Xbox button on the controller will immediately switch the TV to Xbox.

Show break reminders

It’s easy to get lost in a video game and forget everything else. You can use a special feature to have your Xbox remind you when you take a break. Go to Xbox Settings > Settings > Break Reminder.

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