Xbox Store is renewed and shows accessibility options

Perhaps taking advantage of the official availability of Windows 11, the Xbox Store has had a makeover recently. Now with a dark background, it is closer to the Xbox app that can be found on the phone.

A dark theme and a classier presentation.

This new version of the Xbox Store has yet to be released worldwide, but it is at least available in Canada. In the card of a game like Halo Infinite, the image gallery is highlighted in a more visible way than in the previous version.

On the Sea of ​​Thieves page, we noticed that the system requirements for playing on PC are no longer present, but the accessibility details of the game have been added. Features such as single joystick playback or the audio menu are also listed, as well as details of supported languages.

In the Forza Horizon 5 sheet, we also noticed that the different versions of the game are present from the first page, while you had to click on a tab in the previous version of the Store.

Without revolutionizing the old visual presentation, this new Xbox Store seems, however, more efficient and gives access to information in a faster way. Hopefully, you can continue to grow in the future by recovering, for example, the settings needed to play on PC.

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