Xbox: stories are coming to the mobile app

Microsoft is adding stories to its Xbox mobile app. It follows in the footsteps of all social networks that now offer stories since Snapchat created them. Stories from the Xbox app are mostly used for marketing.

Stories arrive in the Xbox app on iOS and Android. It would not have been long in coming given the enormous popularity of this medium of content sharing. It all started in 2013 when Snapchat launched Stories. These quickly exploded and the majority of social networks ended up offering this means of share ephemeral content. Even Spotify introduced Stories for some artists and Twitter launched Fleets which are actually Stories under a different name.

Xbox app stories – Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft has therefore decided to take its turn in stories. When you launch the Xbox app on your smartphone, you’ll now see Stories for you to view. However, these stories are currently only created by the games themselves. It is therefore above all a marketing tool to help them promote their titles.

Players cannot yet create stories in the Xbox app

The official Xbox account announced on Twitter that: “ today we are bringing the official game stories to the xbox app because everyone deserves to see this noscope “. Microsoft then shared examples of stories created by the game Sea of ​​Thieves.

Right now, Xbox app users have no way of creating their own stories like they do on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, or Twitter. We don’t yet know if Microsoft has plans to make Stories accessible to everyone or if they will only be available to developers.

Nonetheless, the announcement tweet appears to imply that players will soon be able to share their “noscope” with their friends. Anyway, this is not yet possible in the app. If Microsoft has plans to make Stories available to everyone, it shouldn’t be long before we hear about it. In fact, Microsoft recently added touch controls to 50 Xbox Game Pass games for those who enjoy Xbox games on mobile thanks to xCloud’s cloud streaming.

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