Xbox Summer Game Fest: the Eternal Cylinder, our demo video jeuxvideo24

Since its release will be this year, The Eternal Cylinder take advantage of Summer Game Fest to afford a new playable demo. The opportunity is too good to dive back into the new production of the ACE Team and thus offer you our gameplay video of the entirety of this famous demo. Or almost, failure unfortunately invites itself at the very end of the session.

The Eternal Cylinder: here is the playable demo of the Summer Game Fest

A reminder for those who are not familiar with this game from the developers of Zeno Clash and Rock of ages. Here we are talking about an experience based on discovery, survival, narration and riddles, a cocktail already highlighted during our 2019 preview. We control the Trebhums, creatures that must evolve, mutate and escape the Cylinder, a giant structure that destroys everything in its path.

A clever mix between survival game and exploration therefore, inviting us to interact with the flora and fauna, to make our bugs evolve according to the areas explored and the puzzles to be solved but also to fear the arrival of the famous Cylinder. Seeing creatures mutate, change their physical appearance and form a group that is made to grow over the course of the mutations developed, there is a kind of fascination that is born when playing games. The Eternal Cylinder and this demo confirms this idea.

No precise release date yet for this title on PC and PlayStation, Xbox consoles.

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