Xbox will get a brand new toolbar and menu in 2023

The wants and needs of gamers have changed dramatically over the last decade, so it’s no surprise that Microsoft has made many minor changes to the Xbox menu over the years. Some were still hoping to see something completely new at the launch of the Xbox Series, but it looks like it will happen next year.

Ivy Chrislov, senior product manager in charge of the Xbox experience, reveals that the Xbox interface will change dramatically in 2023. We’re not sure exactly how, as several Xbox insiders in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring will be experimenting and testing a wide variety of changes in the coming months and will share their feedback with the company. The former include a “Go Back” row that houses recently used games and apps, while some of the most important system apps get their own dedicated tiles, and below curated content and recommendations based on your tastes.

Simply put, the main goal seems to be to make it easier and faster for us to find and use our favorite things, create better menu flow and synergy, and generally create a more personalized control panel. That’s why you won’t necessarily see something like the example below when the final version is released, as it depends on both the testers and your feedback in the coming months.

What changes do you want to see?

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