xCloud: Microsoft would test 1080p, the launch on PC is approaching?

xCloud, the cloud gaming service included in the Game Pass offer, should soon switch to 1080p. The developers have the opportunity to test this resolution, so it should be available soon for subscribers.

xCloud coming soon to PC?

Microsoft only offers 720p HD, which is sufficient for use on a smartphone, but is a bit limited when the screen size is larger, for example on a computer. And indeed, it has been several months since rumors evoke the arrival of xCloud from the PC. Microsoft would also test a web version of its streaming service.

Not to mention that Phil Spencer, vice president of Xbox Game Studios has confirmed that the cloud gaming service will be available on PC and consoles, without however advancing a specific date: “it’s in the long list of cool things the xCloud team is working on“.

An upgrade of the xCloud servers would also be scheduled for 2021 with a transition to more powerful hardware at the level of an Xbox Series X, while currently we are closer to an Xbox One S.

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Source: WindowsCentral

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