Xhaka will he be involved in the case of rigging a bet in connection with the mafia?

Granite Xhaka in turmoil? The Swiss international is suspected of being involved in a shady betting rigging case involving the Albanian mafia. According to the Daily Mail, British justice has opened an investigation into suspicious bets that emerged from the Premier League match between Leeds and Arsenal (1-4) on 18 December.

Crazy bets, totaling €62,000, were placed on Granit Xhaka’s potential yellow card in the last ten minutes of the match. And there, RANDOMLY, in the 86th minute of a game that the Gunners won outright, the Swiss captain took his little cracker after taking a free kick for ages. Something that piqued the curiosity of investigators from the National Crime Agency (NCA), which is in charge of fighting cybercrime in the United Kingdom.

The Albanian mafia would be involved in this.

Also, according to the British daily newspaper, the Albanian mafia may be involved in these possible machinations. “NCA investigators have found evidence that large amounts have been wagered in cryptocurrencies in markets that are not regulated in this country, with most of the activity taking place in Albania, where the Arsenal player is from, can we read.

Alban Yusufi, a former second-rate soccer player of Swedish-Albanian descent, is also on the NCA’s radar in this case. Convicted of bribing AIK goalkeeper Kyriakos Stamatopoulos ahead of the derby against IFK Gothenburg in 2017, he again allegedly bet big money on Granit Xhaka’s suspicious yellow card. There are currently no indications that the Arsenal midfielder is in any way involved in the case, but investigators are continuing to investigate.

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