Xi Jinping Under House Arrest: What Do We Know About China Coup Rumors?

There are rumors online that Chinese President Xi Jinping could be placed under house arrest. Media articles claim that Xi Jinping was placed under house arrest and demoted from his post as leader of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA).

State media and the ruling Communist Party of China have yet to give official confirmation.

Xi Jinping recently visited Uzbekistan for the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), where he met with other leaders of the country. In addition, he personally meets Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the first time since border disputes between India and China soured relations in 2020.

There have been several tweets about Xi Jinping’s apparent house arrest. Some even claimed that a military coup had already taken place and that PLA equipment was blockading Beijing.

“The PLA war machine is heading to Beijing on September 22. The entire procession, from Huanglai County near Beijing to Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, is 80 kilometers long. Rumor has it that Xi Jinping was arrested after he was removed from the summit,” someone tweeted.

Unconfirmed reports that no commercial flights fly over Beijing today can also be found on Twitter. Some Chinese experts believe that there are still no signs of a coup, except for discussions on social networks. China expert Adil Bural suggests that Xi Jinping may have been in quarantine after arriving from Uzbekistan.

Rumors of Xi Jinping’s house arrest follow China’s execution of two former ministers earlier this week. Two of his cabinet ministers and four of his life-sentenced officials are reportedly members of political parties.

China has launched an anti-corruption campaign ahead of a political rally next month in which President Xi Jinping is expected to win a historic third term. Xi Jinping House arrest? Here’s what we know about China coup rumors

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