Xiaomi Cyberdog: specifications and skills demonstration – VIDEO – The Inquirer 🇫🇷

Ubuntu 18.04 + ROS 2

store in Poland and costs more than half the cost of Xiaomi Cyberdog, about 853 euros. Probably more affordable in the US.

The demo did not cover absolutely all the features of Xiaomi Cyberdog, but it was interesting nonetheless.

The charger is a 120W charger that is also used for some Xiaomi phones.

Xiaomi Cyberdog is not a finished product (complete solution) like Spot from Boston Dynamics, but a “platform” on which other companies can develop applications. Xiaomi representatives said during the launch of Robot Patrol that only 1,000 devices will be available for “fans, engineers and enthusiasts of Xiaomi robots”. The advertised price at the time was 9,999 yuan, or about $1,540.

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