Xiaomi: Mi Stores close (almost all) in France –

Since yesterday, people wishing to go to the Mi Store in France have been unpleasantly surprised to find the doors closed, with the exception of the Champs-Elysées store.

What are the reasons and consequences of these closures for French customers and consumers? Can we still buy Xiaomi equipment in France? We will explain everything to you.

Why are shops closing?

Mi Stores are not directly operated by the brand. To open physical stores, Xiaomi uses an intermediary that manages the stores. Almost all stores in Paris, whether in Velizy, Lyon, Toulouse or Lille, are managed by SAS Tell Me.

The problem is that in July of this year the Arbitration Court announced a competition for this company. The procedure that led to the closure of stores operated by the company.

If the Champs-Élysées store resists this procedure, it will be because, according to Xiaomi, the management belongs to another partner of the brand.

Due to a debt of almost 3 million euros (more than 10 times less for free assets), the company was suspended payments on 1 June 2022 pending a decision.

Please note that this closure is not a consequence of Xiaomi’s desire to move its stores out of France.

What are the implications for customers

Thus, French shoppers will no longer be able to visit closed stores. In case of problems, you can always contact the support service by phone.

As for the sale of Xiaomi products, telephone operators continue to distribute devices. You can also order online or visit other third party retailers.

As for after-sales service and warranty, don’t worry, devices purchased from stores are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. In case of concern, it will be necessary to contact customer service, who will indicate the procedure to be followed.

For its part, Xiaomi indicated in a press release that it has taken note of the Court’s decision and is “working to quickly resume its normal activities.” However, the brand did not specify if it intends to find a new partner to secure the reopening of currently closed stores.

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