Xiaomi Redmi Note 11T: see you on May 24th

We recently shared with you our impressions of Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 and 11 Pro 5G. It looks like Xiaomi is not done with this line of smartphones as the manufacturer prepares to formalize the Redmi Note 11T series.

The opportunity to update the range with a Xiaomi 12-inspired design, especially at the level of the rear panel, which houses a triple sensor. Therefore, Xiaomi has to introduce three new phones: Note 11T, 11T Pro and 11T Pro+.

Leaked first characteristics

Although not much is known about the standard version, information has been leaked about the 11T Pro and 11T Pro+ models.

The first surprise was that Xiaomi announced a new 144Hz LCD screen, which will be equivalent to the screen of a more expensive device. An odd choice when you know the quality of the OLED panels that the Note 11 series is equipped with (90Hz for the Note 11 and 120Hz for the Note 11 Pro).

As for the processor, Xiaomi planned to use the MediaTek Dimensity 8100 on Pro and Pro+, but there is no information about the SoC of the standard Note 11T yet.

Last but not least: autonomy. The Note 11T Pro should have a 5080mAh battery promising good endurance, coupled with a 67W recharge. The Pro+ version should be equipped with a smaller battery but take advantage of the 120W fast charging found in the Xiaomi 11T. Pro.

As usual, Xiaomi will launch its new range in China and then release it to the European market a bit later.


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