XYG Podcast – Replay ep. 01 – Xbox Studios

Xboxygen podcasts are back! For this (re-)launch, which will be improved in the coming weeks, we decided to start with an episode dedicated specifically to the 23 Xbox Studios.

Episode 01 – 23 Xbox Studios

Xboxygen podcasts have been around for years. Initially launched under the banner of “background noise” that the most dedicated will remember, this is a new launch that will keep our feet wet until next year. We will take your feedback on the format and refine it until then.

The theme for this first release is Xbox Studios. While Microsoft is currently trying to buy Activision Blizzard King, the company already has 23 active studios that are still not moving at the expected pace.

The XYG podcast is being recorded and streamed live on Twitch with the Xboxygen community. The episode is now available on all regular platforms:

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