Yeedi mop station test: finally a real robot cleaner? – Introduction – Technoscience

Self-draining robotic vacuums are the new standard in self-contained home equipment. Yeedi goes even further with its Yeedi Mop Station. Yeedi is a brand of the Ecovacs group, a designer of Deebot robots in particular.

It is a robot (A robot is a mechatronic device (combining mechanics, electronics and …) amazing cleaning with two rotating scourers and a cleaning station for these scourers. As a result, it offers much more comfort than conventional hybrid models on the market. These usually offer a simple wipe that is moistened with a reservoir ofWater (Water is a ubiquitous chemical compound on Earth, essential for everyone …) and thrown to the ground.

The Yeedi Mop Station, on the other hand, is both a robot vacuum cleaner and a robot mop that not only offers the cleaning function in addition to a simple robot vacuum cleaner, but above all its main function and not just a contraption (We call an object a gadget that is often ingenious, but almost always useless in the long run.) with, as a bonus, the ability to clean your mops automatically.

We tested the Yeedi Mop Station and verified in this file if this innovative wet cleaning solution delivers on its promises.

The manufacturer has given the Yeedi Mop Station robot vacuum cleaner and mop a suggested retail price of € 649.99 (starting at month (The month (from the Latin mensis “month”, and before the plural. “Menstruation”) is a period of time …) August 2021). Some merchants allow you to get the device for less, here is a selection:
– € 599 for FNAC
– € 599 to Cdiscount
– € 645 in Aliexpress
– € 649.99 in Amazon

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