“Yellow Vest” Arrested for Replacing Macron’s Portrait with a QR Code

BUT “Figure” from “Yellow vests” was taken into custody on Wednesday after replacing the portrait of Emmanuel Macron in Besançon with a QR code in protest against the health pass, we learned from coinciding sources, his lawyers condemned the arrest “Politics”

Stefan Espik, who became famous during the movement “Yellow vests”, was arrested on Wednesday at 10 a.m. and was still in custody in the early evening, the prosecutor’s office of Besançon said, which opened an investigation into “Humiliation of state property, disrespect for the person endowed with state power, and theft”

According to a source familiar with the case, “It was Du’s departmental security who identified the author and found him in Nancy.”, the city in which he was detained and taken into custody.

According to the same source, he is to be handed over to the Besançon police on Thursday for presentation to the city’s prosecutor’s office.

The facts complained about happened on Monday. “at 13 o’clock”, according to the same source.

In a statement, Mr Espich’s attorneys, Mes Juan Branco and David Libeskind, indicate that their client “I removed the official portrait of Emmanuel Macron from the frame. […] hanging in the town hall of Besançon […] and replaced it with a QR code, which should represent the health pass “

“Political” arrest according to the lawyer

The action was filmed and posted on Facebook, lawyers continue, adding that their client applied on the spot. “lobster […] to emphasize the humorous and political aspect of his act “

The video is visible in the group “Support for dissent” In particular, the portrait of the head of state is depicted, removed from the frame and replaced with a photocopy of the QR code in the shape of the middle finger with the mention “No health passport! “

The images show a large inflatable lobster.

Then another episode of the video shows Emmanuel Macron’s portrait torn apart and his head removed from the photograph.

The Prosecution retains the following qualifications: “Indecent”, estimated by Mes Branko and Libeskind, according to which ” any ” theft, disrespect or damage cannot be held responsible for Mr. Espick. They also judge “Completely arbitrary and political” arrest and detention of their client.

Mr. Espick “I have never resorted to violence and always chose a humorous path so that his voice was heard and the demands of his citizen were heard”, rewrite tips condemning the “ruthlessness” with which they feel their client is doing “Item […] from charges for thirty-six months and the beginning of the movement of “yellow vests”

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