Yellowknife COVID-19 Outbreak: Over 1000 Contacts Revealed

About 20 close contact risk warnings have been issued in various parts of the city, including on school buses and in some classrooms in various Yellowknife schools.

As of Wednesday afternoon, 14 people had been infected with the virus, with six more cases yet to be confirmed.

Government contacts include all students and staff at New Jersey McPherson School, which was already designated as a site of infection with a risk of transmission on Saturday, and other members of the community.

According to the public health service, the search teams are busy with contacts with people identified as close.

These approximately 1000 contacts must isolate themselves and go to health authorities for a screening test.

New Jersey McPherson School was the focus of Yellowknife’s first COVID-19 outbreak.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Liny Lamberink

Public health is asking residents of the Northwest Territories who have not been identified as contacts not to try to sign up for a screening test in order to give priority to others.

Other locations in Yellowknife have also been designated as exhibition grounds. potentials … People who visit these sites during exposure do not need to self-isolate, but they are encouraged to monitor for symptoms.

Closure of Behchok schools

On Monday afternoon, chief physician Kami Kandola announced the preventive school closures in Behchoko.

In a statement, Dr. Candola said that this weekend in Yellowknife, students and school staff participated in some community events, including an interschool soccer tournament.

As in Yellowknife, wearing a mask is now mandatory in Behchoko.

A sign at the entrance to the school asks not to enter.

Public health has ordered all schools in Yellowknife to close Sunday night after confirming new COVID-19 cases linked to the outbreak at New Jersey’s McPherson School.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Liny Lamberink

Distance school starts on Wednesday

School closures in Yellowknife, Ndilo and Dettah caused a lot of headaches Monday morning for parents, employers and school authorities who had to adapt to this preventive public health measure to counter the COVID.19 outbreak in the capital.

In nearly identical letters sent to parents on Monday afternoon, the YK1 School Board, Yellowknife Catholic Schools, and the Territory du Nord West Francophone School Commission offered some general details about what to expect when students return to school.

School officials say they are not done yet and that they will continue to develop their plan on Monday and Tuesday.

Parents should expect to hear a word or call from their child’s teacher by Tuesday night.

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