You can play petanque on Google thanks to this Doodle

The famous Google Doodle will take you to the world of petanque for two days with a very cute little game.

Sunny, hot: an opportunity to play petanque in the fresh air! But why deprive yourself of a double dose? This Sunday, July 31st and until tomorrow, Google’s Doodle is adorned with the famous metal balls thanks to the integration of a small game of petanque.

“Pétanque has always been a symbol of French sports. Playing petanque for me is a return to authenticity, friendliness and all ages. I wanted to share this experience,” says doodle designer Helen Leroux. This game is indeed typical of the south of France, but its aura goes beyond that. Its origin is also far away: we must go back to throwing flat stones in antiquity, then to throwing stone balls among the Greeks, before the Romans integrated the target ball (jack) and that they imported the game to France.

Petanque Doodle by Google leading to a small game. // Source: Google

How to play petanque from Google?

To play the game couldn’t be easier, just press the “Play” button on Doodle, which will launch an interactive page. The game is very simple: you need to drag the arrow down, pointing it in the right direction, which allows you to control both the distance and the strength of each throw. As with any game of petanque, the goal is to get the ball as close to the jack as possible.

You can practice alone and also meet other real players. The game features matchmaking in 17 countries where the doodle is available. You earn a point each time your ball is closer to a jack than your opponent’s.

All Google doodles are collected in a special directory.

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