You can play your PS4, PS5, Switch or Xbox Series at the cinema

You had always dreamed of it and some cinema now offer it. Since it is now possible to swap your old TV for a gaming session in a dark room! But beware, it stings a bit in terms of price.

Video games are an art that is becoming more and more democratic, and some sectors see it an opportunity to raise some money by renting their dark rooms. Not to rock the latest Avengers movie, but to give a bunch of people the possibility of connecting your favorite console to enjoy a gaming session on a giant screen.

The experience is not new since some foreign countries have already entered the niche, particularly in Korea and the United States, and in France “as we like to be late”, it is also offered in the far north and more precisely in the city of Lomme.

Indeed, Kinepolis proposes to open its rooms for accommodate a maximum of 10 players over a 2-hour session, this service is called “Kinepolis Play»And costs the modest sum from 199 euros. However, it’s up to you to bring the following consoles: PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox (Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series).

A unique and incredible immersive experience in the comfort of your cinema to live for a special event (birthday …) or just the pleasure of playing with friends!

Yes, we agree, it’s a bit expensive and the bill will quickly be steep if you decide to indulge yourself in this little delirium. At any rate, this experience is more of the realization of a small fantasy or a dream than something that can be done over the long term given the price of the session, unless you have found this way to celebrate your birthday between geeks who respect themselves …

Do you think that this experience will become more democratic or that it will remain very localized? Tell us in the comments.


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