You don’t dream: there will be a Dune survival video game and the trailer is here

The planet Arrakis, located in the heart of Dune, will soon be able to be explored in an online multiplayer game. No date has been announced, but Dune: Awakening is already salivating. Here’s what we know.

Dune here, Dune there. After the new adaptation of Denis Villeneuve, with more than deserved success, Frank Herbert’s work seems to have turned into a franchise. Not only is the second part confirmed in theaters, in addition to the HBO series (The Sisterhood), the strategy video game was also announced at the end of 2021. And it doesn’t stop there: during gamescom 2022, on August 23, an MMO-type video game was unveiled.

We even have a name: Dune Awakening. The trailer was also the icing on the cake. The least we can do is that this is the envy of anyone who appreciates this fictional scientific universe.

What do we know about online game Dune

Dune Awakening will be an MMO, Massively Multiplayer Online Game. It was developed by Funcom, to whom we already owe the survival of Conan Exiles. These two could a priori resemble each other in their form.

You will be in an open world, which is none other than the famous planet Arrakis. This is a titanic arid desert, where there are many threats. In particular, there are giant worms, not to mention intense heat requiring special combinations called distillates.

On the game page on Steam we find the following characteristics:

  • You will have to learn how to survive by building shelters from sandstorms, controlling your mood, and even maintaining the right pace of walking (if you have seen or read Dune, you know that the people of the planet move in a very specific way, in particular to avoid attracting worms).
  • Arrakis can be explored: “walk the ruins of long-forgotten biological testing stations, search the wreckage of crashed spaceships, and walk the dusty corridors of abandoned sitches.” There should also be new sectors to discover in the regularly changing landscape, with limited time to explore in the face of oncoming storms.
  • Spice (hidden by worms) will be at the center of the game. It will be necessary to deploy the harvesters and protect them as a group from rival factions: this is where the fights should take place.
  • Factions will definitely line up between players.
  • You can customize your character by unlocking special abilities. The same goes for asylum. It is clear that this will be craft.
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When is Dune: Awakening coming out?

A launch date has not been announced. On the other hand, you can already register for beta testing on the game’s website.

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