You really should be using this Xbox Series X setup right now.

Energy prices are expected to rise again this winter, especially in the UK, so now is the time to start assessing energy consumption and make small changes to reduce consumption. And if you have an Xbox Series X console, then you need to use the power saving mode right now.

Earlier today, a social media post from Alex Hearn (will open in a new tab), technology editor for The Guardian UK, sparked a debate about how much power the Xbox Series X consumes when left in standby mode. And while Herne’s original math was apparently a little off, Tom Warren of The Verge (will open in a new tab) joined the conversation to explain that putting your Xbox Series X console on standby could cost around £59 / $68 a year at current prices.

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That’s a pretty significant amount of money to pay just for the privilege of not completely shutting down the console after a gaming session. But don’t worry, you don’t have to resort to a hard shutdown every time you finish a game because the Xbox Series X offers a power saving mode that uses 20 times less power than the console’s standby mode, according to Microsoft.

Previously, setting the console in power saving mode resulted in the rather big problem that the console was unable to download game updates or system firmware while in this mode, but a recent update to the console removed this restriction. Now, the main difference between the two modes is that it takes a few extra seconds to load the power saver compared to the standby mode. It’s a compromise we’re happy to make in order to save the cost of a new video game a year.

Since this long overdue update, Microsoft has made Power Save Mode the console’s default rest mode, but if you purchased an Xbox Series X prior to this switch, your console may still be put into standby mode. So, if you want to make sure your console is in power saving mode, it only takes a few seconds.

First, go to the Settings menu on your Xbox Series X console. From there, select the Sleep and Start option located under the General tab.

Then go to the column labeled “Sleep Mode” and from here you can choose between power saving mode or standby mode, choose the setting you want and you’re done.

That’s all you need to do to put your Xbox Series X into power saving mode. Please note that this mode does not completely stop the console from consuming power when it is not in use (it only does this when it is completely turned off). But this significantly reduces the amount of energy consumed without much loss of functionality.

It’s a little energy-saving trick that can have a surprisingly big impact on your bills. And we strongly encourage you to do so, even if it just helps reduce your energy consumption and therefore your carbon footprint.

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