You’ll soon be able to reheat bread on an Xbox Series S toaster –

Good news for fans! Apparently xbox with mini fridge will not be the only derivative product to carry the Microsoft console image. According to a tweet by Gyo Jvfr, manager of the independent store in Lyon, toaster inspired by the same console, will soon be available on the market.

Product (under license) christened Xbox Series S Toasterand it could already be pre-ordered for customers in France and Belgium.

Original toaster.

It should be noted right away that this product is not yet official. However, Gyo Jvfr is not the only one to mention this. According to our colleagues from Clubic, major distributor in Belgium also included it in his latest catalogue. Therefore, we can give credit to this information.

As we can see in the image above, the toaster is designed in the image of the Xbox Series S. We see a white chassis and an impressive black ventilation grill. He is arming himself two slots for toasts and proposals six heating presets. The toaster additionally has non-slip feet and has an anti-jam feature, along with other features that are commonly found in a conventional toaster.

The cost of the Xbox Series S toaster is €59.99but an official availability date is currently unknown.


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