YouTube Expands Measures Against “Anti-Tax” Videos

YouTube claims to have removed more than 130,000 videos in the last year that violated its regulations in this area. (Photo: 123RF)

New York – YouTube announced Wednesday that it was stepping up its anti-vaccine content policy, emphasizing that the crackdown would not be limited to disinformation videos about COVID-19 vaccines.

“Content that falsely claims that approved vaccines are dangerous and causes chronic health effects, that claims that vaccines do not reduce the transmission of disease or cause disease, or that contains incorrect information about substances” in vaccines “will be removed. said the platform in a press release.

“This includes content that falsely claims that approved vaccines cause autism, cancer or infertility, or that substances in vaccines can track who gets them,” continues the company, a Google subsidiary.

Misleading or misleading videos about routine vaccines, such as measles or hepatitis B, may be removed from the site. “General vaccine statements” may also be removed.

On the other hand, “contents on vaccination policies, new vaccine trials and historical successes or failures of vaccines” are authorized, as well as personal testimonies on vaccination as long as they comply with the platform’s regulations.

YouTube is already implementing measures to combat misinformation around COVID-19 vaccines, claiming to have removed more than 130,000 videos in the last year that violated its regulations in this area.

Among its most recent measures, the platform suspended the German accounts of the public television channel RT on Tuesday for violating internal community rules by spreading “false information” about COVID-19 and for wanting to circumvent a download suspension.

Moscow threatened to block YouTube in retaliation, accusing the group of censorship.

Major US tech groups face strong pressure to remove or moderate the anti-vaccine content that has proliferated on their platforms, especially since the start of the pandemic.

In mid-September, Facebook unveiled a new tool to fight conspiratorial or violent groups, aimed primarily at the German “Querdenken” (or “anti-conformist”) movement, combining health measures against the COVID-19 pandemic with deprivation of unconstitutional freedom. .

Twitter also has a regulation on this issue and assumes the right to remove content and take action in case of infringement.


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