YouTube: Generative AI Will Change Everything Soon, Big Boss Announces

New YouTube CEO Neil Mohan, who recently took over from Susan Wojcicki, has written his first open letter about YouTube. And this letter is full of surprises.

The letter announced several upcoming projects for the Google-owned video streaming service. But more important is the implementation of generative AI technology on the platform.

The popularity of ChatGPT since its launch has indeed prompted other platforms such as Google Search, Bing, Snapcha and Skype to start developing strategies to emulate its success. So it’s no surprise that YouTube wants to join the movement.

Helping creators develop their storytelling and add value to products

When Ms Wojcicki retired in February 2023, she hinted that YouTube had AI projects in the works. “With everything we’re doing in shorts, streaming and subscription, and the promise of artificial intelligence, YouTube’s most exciting opportunities are ahead and Neil is the man to lead us,” Wojcicki wrote in a note announcing his departure. .

Neil Mohan’s first letter confirms this. He gave concrete examples of how AI will be implemented on YouTube. For example, users (Editor’s note: Creators who use YouTube to host videos) will be able to “virtually switch outfits” and “create a fantastic film set using the generative power of AI.”

According to Mohan, the main goal of implementing AI on the platform is to help creators develop their storytelling and add value to production, though he only shared a vague timeline.

Implement the necessary safeguards and safeguards to ensure a positive experience

The CEO also said the company is taking its time to implement the necessary safeguards and safeguards to ensure a positive experience. Such precautions are especially necessary after other platforms such as Google and Bing use AI and make startup errors.

Other announced changes include easier use of comments by creators, more language for subtitles, the addition of YouTube TV, and the addition of protections for YouTube.

Source: “.com”

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